A.B.’s Story

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(Not an actual photo of A.B.)

“A.B.” lived in constant fear of the Uganda Peoples’ Army. They tortured her and her family and seized all of their money and property. At the age of thirteen, she was raped, and witnessed her cousin being murdered by the soldiers. Years after her area became secure again, A.B. remained shaken by her cousin’s death, suffering from chronic headaches, nightmares, and trouble sleeping.

A.B.’s anxiety only worsened after three of her children died of medical complications. She was referred to the Soroti clinic in May 2012 and diagnosed with depression and mild PTSD. A.B. has benefited greatly from home-based care provided by PCAF’s mobile clinic visits. She no longer feels the hopelessness that once debilitated her, and she has gained the strength to care for herself and her surviving children.