Alara’s Story

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(Patient interview at the Kitgum Clinic, where Alara was treated.)

After intensive treatment and spiritual healing, Alara can say: “I am more than my past.”

Alara had been happily married for six years when she was abducted by the Lords Resistance Army while going to fetch water. While in captivity, she was tortured repeatedly and forced to beat an older woman to death using a stick. Alara was then made to lick the woman’s blood. She also had to collect the remains of five others who were hacked to death in front of her eyes. Alara was eventually returned home after surrendering to the government army. Upon her return, her husband divorced her, fearing that she would kill him.

Alara was admitted to PCAF’s Kitgum clinic in April 2011 with symptoms inscluding hypervigilance, problems with short and long-term memory and nightmares. She was diagnosed with PTSD. After narrative exposure therapy, antidepressants, psychoeducation on hygiene and daily exercise and spiritual healing, Alara’s well-being improved. Her sleep is better, and she is less fearful. She has strengthened her social support system, and is able to separate herself from her traumatic past. In Alara’s own words: “I am more than my past.”