The Master Class, created in partnership with the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma (HPRT), provides local caregivers in post-conflict countries with the tools to treat the emotional wounds of victims of terrorism and mass violence.
Masters are trained by an international faculty with expertise in the care of traumatized populations.
Masters translate the HPRT tool kit and make it culturally appropriate for their victimized populations.
Since 2003, 37 Masters have returned to their countries and trained additional healthcare professionals.
More than 100,000 healthcare professionals have been trained around the world.
Over 100,000 victims have been treated by Foundation-trained personnel.
By training the trainers, the Foundation has built capacity in 22 post-conflict countries on five continents.
By returning victims to purposeful lives, these caregivers not only improve the social, political and economic welfare of their communities, but also halt the progression of traumatic depression from generation to generation.
PCAF has trained Masters from Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Chile, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Macedonia, Srpska, Spain, Rwanda and Uganda .
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