Peter C. Alderman Mental Health Clinics are Centers of Excellence, which serve as a model for global replication. They are designed for high impact in regions that have the greatest need and the highest likelihood of success. They are all located in government hospitals.

The Clinics:
Are established in countries where healthcare professionals and physicians from the ministries of health have already been trained in the Master Class series.
Partner with local governments, medical schools and religious institutions, deeply embedded in the country served.
Ensure quality of care and adherence to protocol of treatment that effectively returns 90% of the patients to productive lives.
Provide victims with culturally appropriate and sustainable treatment.
Engage exclusively local, indigenous caregivers, so that each country retains the ability to heal its victims without relying on outsiders.
Offer spiritual counseling from local religious groups.
Are subject to regular impact studies to evaluate patient outcomes and staff performance.
PCAF Trauma
Treatment Clinics

Siem Reap 2005
Soutr Nikum 2006

Tororo 2007 (to Soroti 2011)
Gulu 2008
Kitgum 2009
Arua 2010
Soroti 2011

Bong County 2012

Kibera, Nairobi 2012
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